[SOLVED]Player moves only if i don't have camera centered to it

Now the player just disappears

When you press the A key, or right at the start?

Right at the start the player is nowhere to be seen

What did you do with the background? Change the layer it’s on, or add the “center on player” action for the background layer?

I put it on the base layer

Is this the same layer as the player?

no the layer is still on the sprites layer which is on top of the base layer

So all you did was change the layer for the background image?

Can you screen snip the layers popup window, the properties for the background image and the player object (3 screen snips in total)?


did you mean all of this?

Also the properties of the player object.

And you still have the events as in your first screen snip?

Could you save and close GDevelop editor, and then open it again, and see if that helps?

If not, can you run the game in debug mode (click the debug icon on the left of the preview button, and select “Start preview with debug and network analyser”). Then click on refresh, and scroll down for Player on the left hand panel. Click on Player, and there should be a # followed by a number under it. Click on that and screen snip the properties on the upper right panel.

I’ll help later on if no one else picks it up - it’s 1:30am where I am, time for me to go to bed.

I onl yhave options “Start preview with debugger and performance profiler” and "start network preview "

I mistyped, sorry - choose “Start preview with debugger and performance profiler”

It seems there are 2 players a #2 and a #3

This is #2 image

This one is the #3 image

Hey @MrMen i got it working somehow i have no idea what i did but its now solved

The problem would have been the 2 player objects, and GDevelop determining which one to select. It looks like it chose the one on the base layer, which would have been covered by the background image. I hope your solution was to remove the player object on the base layer. If it wasn’t, then remove it, or you’ll be likely to run into more issues with it.