(Solved) Positioning and resizing the scene mask

as a newbie i am still working with the basics.
in the main screen there are settings for

  • show mask
  • show grid
  • setup grid

starting a new project with e.g. 448px width and 768px height

  • the grid cant be positioned into the mask

the scene and the mask do differ from each other.
so how can i set the grid so it fits into the MASK?
and what is this mask in the main screen good for?



The mask that can be activated in the same menu as the grid is just a visual representation of the viewport. The viewport is the rectangle that you see by default in the editor and which has the size of the screen resolution. The size of the screen can be changed in the game settings.
So the mask is - at least that’s how I understand it - just a visual help to see which elements in your scene will be visible in the viewport/your game screen at once.

If you mean by scene the viewport, you can align both but if you zoom in and out this will change. There is also no need to align both onto each other. (Btw: the scene is everything that you build together in the editor and it can be much bigger than the viewport).

For the grid the viewport in the editor should be your reference (not the mask) and whether the grid aligns with the viewport or not depends on the measures of the screen and the size of the grid cells.

Not sure what exactly you mean but that’s probably the viewport.

thanks drona.
meanwhile i found the solution:

  • right click into the scene where the mask etc. is
  • choose “zoom to initial position”
  • choose “zoom to fit content”

thats it.