[Solved] Possible to set up "button OR button"

I wasn’t sure how to search this question, as “or” is a non-specific word for narrowing down. But I just added the controller extension for my game. I was wondering if there was an “or” condition. For instance, I want the controls to be something like “when d or ‘right’ is pressed”. Or is the only way to double my movement code? Sorry if this is an obvious question, but I’m still pretty new to this.

This is how i do
First and condition but is only specific for my game, you should do your logic, the in a subevent an Or to apply all possibles moves, keyboard and Controller stick and buttons

How did you get “if one of these conditions is true” ? I can’t find it in the conditions search, but it sounds like exactly what I’m looking for lol

@UlisesFreitas Oh I just found it! Thank you so much! Major time saver

since the three are inside an OR when one occurs is true, if you need to check one by one there is no shortcuts but doing in separated events.
Sorry the quality of the gif is so sh%t

no that’s perfect Thank you for the help. have saved me a LOT of time

Dumb question perhaps but UlisesFreitas, how do you do to create animated GIF? And more generally, what do you use to make videos of your games or trailers?

Thanks for advance for your answers.

This software the PRO version

Thanks very much UlisesFreitas! :smiley: