[Solved] Prevent player from going up on platform

If I have a platform and move the player right or left against it, the player often jumps up on the platform, especially if I am close to the upper or lower corner. I have unticked every “grab the ledges” boxes I can find and set platformer values to zero (and tried others too). What could be wrong or is there a better way to make an object so that my player doesn’t walk straight through it? I would like to make a sort of puzzle game were the player pushes boulders around in four directions and I have got the pushing working by adding instant forces when for example left key is pressed and defined points on the right side of the boulder is inside Player. But could anyone please help me with stopping my player from going through the Boulders.

Do you have the platform type on these objects set to “jumpthru”?

No, ordinary platform; with jumpthru the platform seems to be completely ignored by the players hitbox.

Are you using a player itself or a hitbox as reference? It seems the mask position is messed up!

Thanks for your replies! I don’t even remember anymore how I initially made up the collision checks, but now I finally got it working with preventing the Player from going through my Boulders with “Move Player away from Boulder (only Player will move)” and making sure that hitboxes on the sides of all objects are comlpetely vertical (and up and down sides horizontal) to prevent stepvise gliding.

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