[Solved] Preview and export not functioning properly on school WiFi

I’m trying to create a game on school WiFi, however the game will neither preview nor publish, giving the error “failed to fetch”. My guess is that the publishing protocol goes to a blacklisted site, possibly Github. Is there an alternate way to preview or publish a game? Thanks.

The web editor preview and export go to an AWS host, and with the domain of gd.games.

If you have the desktop client, you can preview locally without issue, and export locally as well. There is not an alternative for the web editor without AWS and gd.games being whitelisted.

As Silver-Streak said, there is not other workarounds.
I would like to add that the wiki have a page that lists the DNS to whitelist to get the full services on GDevelop.
You can forward the page to the IT department if needed.

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