[Solved] Preview stuck at 100

My preview is stuck at 100%, I don’t know why my preview isn’t fully loading, so if you could please help me with this, I would be grateful! Thanks in advance. I will also include screenshots of my project as they are requested.

This is a problem with your events. Send screenshot of your events and on the preview press Ctrl+shift+I to open the console (press the key combination only once, it always takes some time to appear) and screenshot the errors in the console.

This is my programming so far. haven’t been able to test anything relating to Var: Heartbeat, Var: Difficulty and Var: Mode. I’m on a mac if that helps. this is a global event set that i link to my first level.
Here is the errors i got from preview.57%20AM

Here apparently you didn’t gave a proper object to physics 2. In this case you don’t even need physics 2, the basic physics of gdjs should be enough. Test with “object in collision with” in the common conditions for all objects category.

Thank you, now i can continue working on it! i could mention you in the Special Thanks section when my game is complete, but only if you wish to be mentioned.

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If you want to mention me for that, ok, but that’s really not much. I would prefer to be mentioned for something like the extension I’ve done to help debugging :eyes:. This one is really useful.

Ok, thanks for your time.

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