[Solved] Previous location directory folder, Gdevelop Projects

Hi guys! Recently I had to format my computer, and all the sprites in my game were out of the game folder. So now after I reinstalled gdevelop, I put the file with the sprites on the desktop (where they were before), but when I opened my project (which is in the gdevelop saved projects folder) all the images are gone from the game, now I have only alerts in the pictures! The thing is … There are so many images to reset manually! is there any way to make the images work again or something? I do not know what to do… :sob:

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If I recall, the last update moved the default folder from C\Users\YourName\Gdevelop Projects to Documents\Gdevelop Projects

If your game was made before the last update, it’s possible the path might be messed up if you have them in documents\Gdevelop Projects.

I would make sure the path specified in the resources tabs matches the location of where you originally saved your project. Just an idea but it could be a place to start.


Hello @Sinha,
unfortunately, I think that there is no way to restore your images since you deleted all your files by formating your computer, but…I don’t wanna disappoint you, maybe there is a way to restore your images :slight_smile:

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What Convictedweirdo says is true, look for the files he says.
Yahia_Gueddoud is true too.

You should check if your pc contains a recent windows backup. This is not always the case.

Otherwise, you will need special software to try to find the files.
Because when a formatting it seems to me that the files still exist but their disk space is described as “free”.
If another file takes up this space then it will be completely gone.
I can be wrong, I’m not saying it’ll work. I never tried it.


@convictedweirdo, thank you! As you said, I moved the project folder to the old directory and it worked! Thank you so much, you helped me to save work days!
Thank you @Bouh and @Yahia_Gueddoud!