[Solved] Problem with "On Screen" behavior padding

To set the padding parameter of the “on screen behavior” to a positive level is supposed to reduce the “collision rectangle” of the screen for this beahavior, and doing it to a negative value is supposed to increase it.

BUT, when you enter a positive value you’re just moving left and down the screen collision rectangle, and in the case of a negative value the beahavior is moving it right and up.

I guess this happens because the behavior is adding the same value to all the coordinates and points of the rect, instead of adding it in the top and right coordinates and extracting it in the bottom and left coordinates.

I think this extension is great, it will be awesome if it works properly.

Extensions are user created, not part of the engine itself. If you’d like to report an issue with the extension, you can post it here: Issues · GDevelopApp/GDevelop-extensions · GitHub

If the creator is still around (or someone can take up the repair), they’ll be able to do so here.

This originally started as one of mine but got enhanced by some folks to use Javascript and AABB tracking instead, so I cannot assist with the repair unfortunately. However if you post the issue there, perhaps the authors can better assist if they have availability.

As this is not a bug report for the engine itself, I will close out this thread.


I’ve made a fix, can you confirm if the error is fixed?
If yes I’ll update the extension in the application.

Here the file of the extension 1.2.1


I understand. I’m returning to GD after a long while so I’m not familiar with some changes in the app and in the community.

Also, I learn about that change in the official GDevelop Engine Roadmap, so to know that change (and maybe others changes that are the reason why I’m returning to GD) are not considered part of the engine (and therefore, not officially supported) is a bit misleading.

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In wich directory is the file I have to replace (in Windows)?

I already found the folders:



But none of them seems to have a file called “isOnScreenExtension.json”

What I’m missing?

As mentioned, it’s not part of the engine. It’s downloaded as part of your project (and only that project), so it’ll be in your project folder.

I thought that too.
In fact, that was the first place I looked up,
but it isn’t in the project folder.

You don’t replace anything, an extension is installed inside of the json of a project file through the IDE.

What was referred to as extension in GD4 and lower was the built in functionality. In GD5, those “bundled” extensions are now considered more of an implementation detail and hidden away. What is referred to through extensions is events-made extensions, which are stored in/scoped to the project and downloadable/installable from the IDE. You can also modify the events of the extension easily.

Not sure what you mean, the roadmap never had any items for events-made extensions. There is a separate trello for those.

I think they might be confusing the roadmap with the patch notes. 4ian has started highlighting community extensions in the patch notes between releases, Is On Screen is one of them. But that’s still just referencing community built extensions, not official support or anything. I could see the confusion if they’ve not been in the community since a focus was put on more extensions, though.

Thanks for the answer.

As you can read in this thread, in order to solve my problem, someone (I think is the developer of the extension) is aking me to manually replace the extension. I’m trying to figure out how to do it.

[I get that part, but I don’t understand how to replace the extension in my project with the new fixed one @Bouh put in this same thread.]-----EDIT: already solved.

Yes it does:


This is taken from the official GD Engine Roadmap, when I asked in this forum where is that recently added condition to test if an object is on screen I was told how to install and use the extension. Naturally, if I’m getting noticed of this change in the official GD Engine Roadmap
I’ll think that it’s something offically supported, even if it’s an extension, and especially if I’m new to the extensions.

So, besides that, finally I’m figuring out how to do something as simple as use a condition to test if an object is on screen in GDevelop (I guess that can also be done testing all the coordinates of the rect of every object I want to use… but the idea of GD is to be simple and easy, right?).

Also, while redacting this, I achieved to manually change the code for the extension inside the json file of the project with the repaired one.

But, I wonder how instinctive can be this process for a completely new user.

To add some context on this, if you open that card you’ll see that originally the ask was for base/core engine conditions be added to the engine, which is why there was a Trello card. It was closed because a user extension (started by Davy and I, then greatly enhanced/completely redone by Bouh) solved the need instead.

Arthuro is correct in that user extensions themselves do not get added to the main roadmap, and the example you provided doesn’t show otherwise due to the info above, but I totally understand the confusion.

To clarify on this point, none of this is intended to be for a new user. You asked about/downloaded a user made extension, and the author responded here to do more testing. The github guidance I provided at the start is because not all extension authors are forum users, and it makes it so the fix can be tracked and updated in the main extension list that the Engine uses, etc.

It sounds like you went a much more complicated way to replace the extension, I’m sorry you had to accomplish it that way.

For future knowledge for you and if anyone finds the thread, all you should have done is removed it from your project in the project’s extension/function section, then installed it manually following the directions on the wiki: Search for New Extensions [GDevelop wiki]

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I answer a post and go to sleep then when I wake up I see all the messages :exploding_head:

I assume this works now.
I close this thread, if you wanna talk about extensions feel free to open a new topic, this one is solved.

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