[Solved] Problem with player floating in the air instead being on the floor


So I can’t get this to work. Can u guys tell me where I am making a mistake?
I tried setting up player as “Box” in behaviors settings of a physics engine, but that didn’t worked either, it still floats in the air.

Yesterday I managed to make this red box to through floor (black thing) but player was still floating in the air. Now I can’t do even that, messed something up. Red box have physics behavior and mask is set to number 3 (background layer)

PS: I am using currently latest version of gdevelop. (5.0.140)

Hey there! May i ask why you dont just use the built in platformer behavior? Is there something you are trying to specifically achieve that wouldnt work with the current platformer abilities? Also, if you have pictures of the code you are using to handle the player, that could help us further figure out what is going awry.

Hey, thanks for replying. Yes, I have some general idea how the game would work and the whole concept, which is why I need physics engine’s features like gravity, joints, etc.
This is the player movement https://prnt.sc/mZXDMDYVV4lo and I use this event sheet as external event for all my levels.
Btw, I tried disabling all events that I have, and just leaving physics behavior to player and ground, but that didn’t fixed the issue so I’m assuming that events are not the problem.

PS: I have options for PC players if they want to play via WASD or Arrow keys, that’s why all these variables.

So I did tried to use polygon option, but what I wasn’t doing is adding hitboxes for it. So now when I added those hitboxes, it’s working. https://prnt.sc/ZPIkbwr3LHNL

Im glad you were able to get this sorted and im sorry i wasnt much help in the end! Your concept seams very interesting. Keep the community updated as you go!