[Solved] Problem with silver subscription

Yesterday I paid a month of silver subscription through paypal in my account but today I don’t have the subscription.

Why? @4ian.

Please reach hello [at] gdevelop.io with the details related to your purchase.
Note the support if closed during the weekend.

If you are on Apple devices maybe you bought the subscription before you opened your GDevelop account.
In this case log in to a GDevelop account from the device where you made your purchase to automatically link the subscription to your GDevelop account.


I don’t receive any response to my email. Is it normal?


May 8 is a public holiday in France.

Hi. I am continue without response. Usually, how many days I need to wait for a response?


Hi Raulinf,

You should now have received a refund for your payment. You can now subscribe again if you wish - just don’t disable it on Paypal unless you want to stop the subscription :slight_smile: