(Solved) Project file keeps uploading (see pic)

Each time I try to access my files in the project folder it upload the whole content again and again.

Is this a bad setting I did? thanks again :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you’re asking/showing.
If your Windows explorer stays like this, I would guess that your hard drive is dying. :person_shrugging:

it does it only on this file.

Can you actually open the project from within Gdevelop itself? If you can, I would try and do a “Save as…” to another location and see if you can at least get a copy saved that was viewable. It looks to me like something has been corrupted in the original folder somewhere. Perhaps you have an older backup you can restart from if you just can’t get access to this one?

From within the app I can save-as the game, not the whole project. It wouldn’t be enough?
Basically I was trying to delete all the files I didn’t need anymore. After I delete them from the app Resources they are still in the project file. So I was trying to erase them from the project file instead.

The guidance above is correct

Once you remove them from your resources panel, then choose save as and select another folder, only the project and files still within resources will be moved to the new folder.

Additionally, when exporting only files wirhin the resources panel, not the project folder, will be included in the final game.

Thanks for your advices. I solve the problem: it was the OGG files. I never use them so I didn’t encounter this issue before using Gdevelop. To solve it I uninstall Windows Web Media.