[Solved] Query about payment options


I’m now considering using Gdevelop again but I still have a strong dislike to subscriptions (I like to own my software, not rent it)

I am simply not willing to sign up and forget it, I am thinking of paying for a month and then immediately cancelling (to stop future automatic payments)

If I pay and then cancel, will I still have access to the paid benefits until that month ends?


hmm okay, I guess no one knows.

If you stop the subscription, it stop immediately, this is the first line in the FAQ in pricing section of the website.

Well then there’s nothing to complain about since the software’s free and MIT licensed, so you already own it.

The subscription’s not for the software, it doesn’t paywall access to any part of the software. It’s for access to extra online services, and due to the way servers work where they are not a “buy it once be done with it” kind of deal but very much a monthly cost, there’s no other way than to offer them through a subscription.

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Yes, if you pay for a month of GDevelop and then cancel immediately, you will still have access to the paid benefits until the end of that month. Cancelling stops future automatic payments, but your current subscription will remain active until the end of the paid period. For more information on this topic, you can visit this blog post.

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