[SOLVED]Random Change Sprite Animation

Let’s say I have 10 instances of the same object: spr_square.

spr_square has 2 animations, “animation 0” is a blue square and “animation 1” is a red square.

How do I make it at the beginning of the scene for only one random square to change it’s color.

At the beginning of the scene + Trigger Once → change the number anim of spr_square(RandomInRange(0,1) will randomise every square I suppose, increasing the risk of having multiple red squares.

Maybe you could give all the squares an increasing item variable (each one spawns and variable is +1 of previous) then pick RandomInRange of how many variables (assuming you are spawning x squares) and change that ones animation?

Thanks snobunni, but I’ve just discovered the “Pick A Random” condition, combined it with the change anim action and it did the job without creating more variables or anything else, will mark the post as solved.

Cool :smile: yeah, I think I totally blanked on the pick random, that def. is the easiest!