[Solved] Registering a copy of an existing game as a new game

Hi there!
I have some game A and decided to create a new one, game B, which is based on the game A. Then I got an issue with product registration (for game’s stats).
Simpler: I copied game’s folder with .json file and assets and made changes so it actually became a new game (changes includes another name and package name for Android).
Problem: some registration ID of these two games (original and “fork”) seems like is the same because in Games Dashboard there are only one name of the games, depending on which is currently opened – game A or B. And unregistering game A unregisters game B and vice versa.
Conclusion: most likely that ID generates while creating a new .json file. So creating new project file and some coping/ex(im)porting will help but I hope there is an expert whose solution will be smarter :wink:

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So guys, a solution for the issue is really easy. Wonder why I didn’t try it before writing that big post :slight_smile:


  1. Create new blank project.
  2. Close it.
  3. Open the new project’s .json file with text editor and copy unique game’s ID – key “projectUuid”, 15th line (for me).
  4. Replace old ID in your new game with copied one.

So you actually generated new ID with a new blank project and used it for a new game, so now you can register your “forked” game project as a separated game!

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