[Solved] Remove a child from an object


In one object I have an array with couple of string children.

In the event, for that object I select Variables/ Arrays and structures//Remove a child/

In structure variable I select an array name from the list

As a child’s name I type one of the array’s string value under quotes.

Nothing, that child is still there.

If i try to remove variable by index number, that works.

Use this action to remove child, with the index as a number:


is it possible to remove array child by its value?

To explain what I am trying to do:

I have an arrayObject that holds the names
like: object1, object2, object3, object4

then I am making a spawner system with the help of this array:
create an object by name → tostring arrayObject[random number(0, size of arrayObject)]

then I have to delete that array child, to avoid redundant objects next time spawner system is called.

Not without iterating through the whole array. This shouldn’t matter though if the array is small.

Put that randomly generated number into a scene variable, and use the variable to create your object and remove the array item with the action I posted earlier.

Thank you, it worked!