[SOLVED] Rendering problems

Hey guys, thanks for making gDevelop. Truly a nice thing to do. I’m interested in possibly making the switch from Construct 3, but am running into an issue that’s halted that process.

I used a PNG sprite to retain transparency. It is a “ticket”, like movie theater ticket, that drops from the sky and looks like it redraws itself at every pixel, using the Physics behavior. When I launch in Construct 3, the rendering from the ticket dropping is nearly flawless using their Physics behavior.

I’m wondering if there is some type of option I need to check or some type of plugin I need to install to get the same quality rendering as construct 3. Graphics aren’t really my area of expertise, so it’s very possible I did something wrong.


By default GD applies anti-alias to every sprite. You can uncheck this option in the resource panel, but you have to do it every time you add a new picture. If I’m not wrong there are plans to add the capability to toggle this option for all pictures in further versions of GD.

Thanks! I only see 2 options in the Resource tab for sprites. Smooth image?


Is it a graphic problem (smooth image filter / pixel-art) ? or do you have a problem with the motion itself, the game fps ?