[Solved]Resetting Enemy Attacks

hi all, im trying to learn how to reset enemy attacks right now the enemy either attacks once with the( trigger once) command or it continuously removes hp without it(which could be useful if it didn’t drain that fast).

i wanted to add a timer which would reset the enemy attacks but im unsure how to do this. is there a way with variables

object timer would not work since the enemies are added through external layout

this is what i have so far :

Enemies are spawned and a force moves them left to right. when they collide with player they will stop then do the ‘attack’ animation. when not colliding(out of range) enemies will return to walking animation and continue to move to the left.

The places marked with blue, add an action about resetting the timer

In this place:

Add an action about if __seconds have passed

Thanks for the reply. although i added the timer it would only be for one unit so when the timer was reset it just reset the attack timer for every unit . i actually found the way to fix this using a simple boolean variable
so that every enemy has their own attack/cd. Thanks UlisesFreitas for the solution

Just to clarify on this: There are object specific timers which are per instance, not all instances of the object. Adding a timer to the object would only reset it for the object instance that it applies to.