[Solved] Respawn platform

Ok, so on this level I have a platform that crumbles, then falls and deletes. The problem is, if you die and go back to the last checkpoint, the platforms are no longer there and you can’t bridge the gap anymore. I tried using the X Pos and Y Pos of the crumble_platform, which worked on the first level, but I think it only did because there was only one of the platforms, but now that there are many, they don’t all re spawn using X Pos and Y Pos of the create object. I can’t reset the scene, because then the checkpoints no longer work. Is the only way to have a “create object” with specific co-ordinates for each platform, or is there an easier way?


How about instead of “deleting” the platform, consider just hiding the platform. Then, when the platform is hidden, disable the platform behavior on it (so players no longer collide with it). If the platform is not hidden, then the platform behavior is enabled on it.

Then at the start of the scene (or when you go back to a checkpoint), just unhide all of that platform?

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I’ll give that a try!, I had no idea you could disable platform behavior

Got a few minor kinks I think I could iron out, but its working now! thank you!

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Fantastic! Glad to hear it.

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