[Solved] Rules of this forum

am I doing something wrong ???
the forum says i’m new … i can’t post more than 1 screenshoot and speaking privately now i have to wait 12 hours before writing again …

is there a way to be unlocked ??

Hi you’re not doing anything wrong is just a forum restriction, you can always use https://es.imgbb.com/ to upload your screenshots there then just share the url, later when you have some time as user of the forum yoou can upload all the images you want.
Other thing you can do is just to contact any moderator and ask if you’re blocked in some way

The moderation system of the forum has its own functioning.
It assigns rights and permissions based on user activity.
There is also a protection of old/not active accounts against possible spam.

It will come back with time if you become more active, no worries.