[Solved] Running Animation stuck

Hello! I need some help with my running animation.
I’m sure it has to do with conflicting events around two actions being bound to one button (A to move and LShift to run as a sub-event, thus technically activating two animations), but I’m unsure how to fix that or improve upon it.

I am attempting to make a simple horror RPG game that involves running from monsters and such, but since you are able to move both ways, having the LShift event as its own event instead of a sub for both other events, it wouldn’t work :confused:

First: Check if you have loop turned on in your animation

Yup! First thing I made sure of

Then trigger once change animation

What do you mean by that?

In all change animation events add trigger once
Like here:

When you press the a key, the condition “a key is pressed” is true, and the actions, including setting the animation, are fired. So while you are holding down the a key, the animation is reset to 1. Every single screen update while the a key is pressed.

By adding a trigger once to the “a key is pressed” condition, the event won’t be repeated if it’s true for sequential screen updates. However, this’ll mean the left shift key press check won’t be met.

My suggestion is you do something along these lines:

This worked! Thank y’all so much : D