I don’t know if this is working as intented or not.
But naming 2 sprites of 2 objects with the same name.png in different folders cause an irreversible bug
because gd use the first one only for all actions and conditions
rennaming defferently fix everything

Hello, RMDB

I think it’s not a bug. I opened a Bug report a long time ago about this (link:Animation loading wrong images of different directory because they have the same name) and an user sent me this link to another topic that helped me understand better what was going on: About animations / Acerca de las animaciones

In short, Gdevelop does not take into account the folder structure you create for your project. That’s why it’s necessary to have different names for all files.

In my opinion the ideal would be the addition of a note of attention somewhere, as I think it is very difficult for the user to predict this…


Hi, yea i thought so.
To me it looks like a strange way to handle folders structure. But as long as it works i guess it’s not a problem…but it should be highlighted somewhere
Thank you

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