(solved) Scene timer issue

This my scene timer was supposed to start when I press the mouse, but it’s starting when I release it.
“Touch or Left button mouse is down” and “Left mouse button was released”, both starts the timer when released?

I think it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do based on your implemention. As long as the condition is true (mouse button is down) it starts/resets the timer. So as long as the button is down it keeps resetting the timer. And once it’s not down it cannot reset the timer again.

This is probably why you have the issue.

Many thanks. I’ll try to use a variable to track it.

I’m currently not on my pc, but can you try adding a trigger once.

Variables didn’t work also. I solved it by starting and pausing the timer at the beggining of scene, and then unpause it when mouse is down.

I tried trigger once but didn’t work.

I did this:

That’s some unnecessary events and variables.

All you need is:


That’ll do what you’re after, and is what @The_Gem_Dev meant.

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Thanks MrMen. Straight to the point! :slight_smile:

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