[Solved] Select option whit touch in dialogue tree

I have the next case. In the dialogue tree when y want to select an option, the usually use is press a key to go down or up in the options, and next, press a key to confirm the selection. This works really good when we use keys, but what i want is select by just touch. Select directly by one click in an option.

I see that the game Swamp use this kind of system, when touch is over the option this change the animation, and when the touch over the option is release then the option is selected.

The example yarnalia use keys for the options. I made clicks over the Y position to move in options and touch in another position to select. like this:

But is slow and bored to do again and again in a dialogue.

¿How can i made to just touch an option and confirm the selection whit touch?

Thanks for the help!

I did that once for the GDSolver project.
What I did was create a text object for each choice, and create a hitbox object for each choice text, but I was told you can click on the text objects now.
So, write the number of choices in a variable, then use that variable in a while loop to spawn the choices separately, using DialogueTree::Option(Variable(choicenumber))