[Solved] Select suggested preexisting variables/animations in events is not working in the version 5.0.142

Hi! :+1:

After the last update 5.0.142 in the event panel when I choose an existing variable it just doesn’t appear. In the image I can click “Variable1” or “Variable2” and nothing happens.

The problem occurs with animations too.

I tested the previous version 5.0.141 and it works fine. I’m using Linux Mint.

Also on Linux Mint, using the flathub version, can confirm the above for 5.0.142.

Can’t put anything in the value field either, not from the expression builder or typing direct. Tested for changing value or string of a variable, modifying text and tinting a sprite.

This bug has been fixed in 5.0.143 (download it now) Or update your GDevelop app by enabling the auto-updater in the preferences.