[solved] Some Enemies Event just stop working at a certain point

Hi, I’m a little baffled on this. Basically, I have a game like 20 mins till dawn. Spawn enemies and kill, the longer you survive the more enemies will spawn.

I started running into a problem when enemies would stop taking damage (and not die). I thought this was due to large groups later on, so I messed around with separating them and no luck. Eventually realized only certain enemies would stop receiving damage (blue, red, and circle ones in the screenshot) and dove into the code and haven’t really found anything, THEN I realized it happens after 275 seconds every time… which I thought was very weird. The only thing in the code that happens exactly at 275 seconds is it creates another spawner that spawns more enemies, I tried removing that line of code, but the issue still happens. I’m pretty confused on what it could be and not too sure on what code to share, so any help is greatly appreciated! I can share any code if needed :slight_smile:

SOLVED - I’m a noob, I stopped working on the game for a few months and randomly added a line the adds HP to those enemies every frame :stuck_out_tongue:

It was in a random spot, but it has been found and deleted!

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