[SOLVED] Spear collision to the player are incorrect

When the player collides with this side:
It doesn’t hit the player which is correct. But in this position:
It hits the player even if it doesn’t have a contact with the object.
This is the collision mask of the spear:
I don’t know why this happens. I created a sword with custom collision mask also but it works perfectly fine but in this it doesn’t.

Can you show the full hitbox menu. Just want to make sure there is no error shown like “A polygon is not convex”

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Oh. there is “A polygon is not convex” there. What does it means?

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What it means (as far as I know) is that your polygon hitbox can’t have convex angles. Maybe try to split the hitbox into multiple ones like one for the spear head, and another for the handle. If you didn’t know you can have multiple hitboxes for an object by clicking the “+” without the black circle gd


Thanks! It’s perfectly fine now.

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