[SOLVED] Sprite doesn't follow the parameters for the X

Hello everyone, i was just creating my game in Gdev and I had an issue.
Basically I want to make a sprite appear when something happens.
Now, if I use gdev preview on PC fullscreen everything is fine and works perfectly, but if I use it in windowed mode or on Lan from my smartphone (is and android game) the sprite doesn’t appear in position.
I want to specify that I put the condition to make it appear on top of another object (With the same x position and y position), but I also tried with the “hard coded” numbers. 53 for x and 108 for the Y.
Now, the thing that I noticed when trying the debug mode is that the Y position seems just fine, but I don’t know why the x goes every time on -223.
Somebody have any idea of why is this happening?

At the end, I understood what was the problem. I leaved the “Stay on screen” behavior attached to the object but with the wrong margins.

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