[Solved] Steam Missing File Privileges Error

Hello everyone. My brother recently made a game using GDevelop and it is now available on Steam. But, when I try installing it, the missing file privileges error shows up. I was really forward to play this game. If you guys know what is causing this issue, please help me.

What makes you think the problem is on GDevelop’s side?
The game cannot be installed on any computer?
Google the error, you’ll find tons of troubleshooting tips.

It not from GDevelop but from Steam because you haven’t all permissions on your Window session.
It was 2sc to google it.

So, I tried Googling and stumbled on this. Opened the Taskmanager as mentioned and found the igfxEM process running in the background. After I ended the process, Steam installed the game without any issues. Thanks for helping.