[SOLVED] Strange teleporting when player lands on sprites

I accidentally did some messy things with files after doing “Save As” on Computer.
This kind of ruined all of the image files so I did Save As on Cloud a couple days later when I realized the messy files issue.
I fixed all the sprites so none were missing.

But, now the platformer character is getting teleported to specific heights whenever they touch some sprites. There is no code that could possibly be doing this (and I’m 99% sure), so it must be from porting to Cloud or whatever.

I don’t think I can attach videos on the forums yet so I can’t share that.

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Did you check the hitboxes?

Yes, all hitboxes and points are correct.

Oh, and the platforms that are doing the teleporting are tiled sprites. Not all the tiled sprites are doing this though

You meant “there is no code” as “there is literally nothing in eventsheet”, or “there is nothing in eventsheet that can be causing it”

Nothing that can be causing it.
More specifically, nothing setting the y position, or instant forces or things like that. There are also no conditions that check when landing on these specific platforms.

Is every single platform in the same layer as the player? collisions are done by X and Y position not visually

Yes, there’s only 2 layers. The 2nd is lighting. And that camera doesn’t move in this scene.

Since platform behaviors and platformer object behavior don’t need any event to run, can you try to disable every event in eventsheet, just use the platformer object default controls and check if there is still bugs


Uhhhhh whoopsies, I guess it is a problem with the events. I have no idea why it wasn’t doing the teleporting before making it on the cloud tho. I don’t know where to start to fix it.

Maybe it’d help if you post a screenshot of your events sheet?

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Try using the mag icon at the top-right of the eventsheet, It will open a window at the bottom of the screen.

Go to the second tab of that window and search for “position” or “move” & any thing related

There is a lot so I can’t share the event sheet.

I did the ctrl f which is why I thought it wasn’t a problem with the events

i may share the file hold on


Unable half of the eventsheet and test.

If the problem persists, unable the other half.

If there is no problem, enable 1 by 1 till you get the problem again.

Good idea actually

Anndd I have no idea how to upload the files so I’ll probably just stick to that method for now

It was because the animation’s sprites were different sizes :upside_down_face:


Wow. Well, I guess we can call this topic “SOLVED” now :sweat_smile: