[SOLVED] Sync animation sprites when one of them its animation blinks

I want to make a sprite blink eventually and that sprite has several animations. To do this I think the easiest way is to make it visible and make it invisible cyclically hovewer I have noticed that if you hide a sprite its animation is paused and I would like to achieve that this is not because I want the animation to be synchronized with another sprite not blinking.

So I need to make blink through hide/show because I need to manage it through some animations eventually, and the same time I need to keep that sprite synchronized its animation with the animation of another sprite that does not blink.

I have thought of another trick to not deal with the pause of the animation when hiding the sprite. Changing the depth of the sprite i can hide it behind the background keeping the sync. Solved :slight_smile:

While I’m glad you found a workaround there are no tricks are required for this.

For context: By default, object animations aren’t rendered when they are hidden or off screen. This is for performance reasons as every animation rendered offscreen/hidden is wasted CPU cycles normally.

However, this is a feature you can disable on your object. Just click the Advanced Options button on the bottom of the object properties, then uncheck the Don’t play the animation when the object is far from the camera or hidden checkbox.

This will allow it to keep processing the animation when hidden or offscreen.