(Solved) The background layer doesnt move as the player moves

I need help Making the background layer move as the player moves. The player can run by objects on the base layer where he (player object) is but the back ground and other layers dont move at all. how would i make the background to move as well. also the foreground that is in front of the base layer doesnt move either. it is just stuck on the screen. How would i make it so the fore ground as well as the background moves just like the base layer

Also does anyone know how to add a distortion effect to the background so it is not seen as clearly as the base layer and foreground. Kinda like a mist effect to the background.

Hi, here is an example for parallax scrolling: Parallax scrolling - a game example from the GDevelop game making app | GDevelop

If you intended to make the effect by using the time scale action, it doesn’t work this way.

There are layer effects and maybe there is one that you like. Layer Effects - GDevelop documentation
The only tricky thing is that they can affect the game’s performance. In this case you are probably better off by adding the distortion (or rather blur?) - effect to the background before importing it to the engine.

If you want objects on a particular layers to move, you’ll need to move the camera for that layer. Moving the camera on the base layer only changes the position of the base layer object appears on the screen. You need to apply camera movement to the other layers too.

Thanks, you were right about the effects. i blurred it before hand and mported it to the engine and it works great.

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yeah you were right i just moved the camera of the background layer and it works fine now thanks

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