[Solved] The bullets wont spawn at he right place

i try to make a simple top down shooter but i cant because the bullets wont spawn at the right place, they should spawn at the player sprite (the pink thing) but for some reason they refuse to do so.
Can someone help me?

Hi, without seeing your events it is hard to say what exactly the problem is.

If something is created in the left upper corner, it is usually a sign that Gdevelop cannot use the intended location. This can be due to a typo etc. So you have to check that again. If you have problems figuring it out, a screenshot of your events will be helpful.

here is the event i use for shooting, i don’t think that i made a typo.

The first value should be the x-value and then comes the y-value. In your event the first value is Player.PointY(“BulletSpawn”).

this unfortunately did not fix the issue

Does your point BulletSpawn really exist on the player object and is it really written in this way?

Generally, your event should work. I made this one quickly with the fire bullet extension and it works without any problems:

As mentioned, if something is created in the left upper corner, it is usually a sign that the engine cannot locate the point or object where something should be actually created.

yes the point exists i checked, the event is just the same as your event and yet the bullet spawns at the top left corner

Do you have the same issue if you just create a sprite (e.g. the bullet object) at a point (e.g. the center or your BulletSpawn) of your player?

Something like:

No, the sprite spawns at the center of the player as intended

Alright, what happens if you use the center point now for spawning your bullets with the fire bullet extension? Just as a test.

the bullets still spawn at the top left corner i even tried the origin point

Okay. I would suggest to open a new project, load your player and the bullet objects, install the fire bullet extension again and see what happens.

that works! thanks for the help :smiley:

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