[SOLVED] The cursor/touch is on object not work

Please tell me why the reaction to the event does not work? Each time you press the mouse button, a ball appears and falls down onto the platform. Holding down the mouse button I can move the ball across the screen. I want to prevent a new ball from appearing if I click on an existing ball to move it around the screen. So that a new ball appears only when you press the mouse button on an empty place where there are no other balls.

If you have more then 1 ball in the scene, there is a ball where the cursor is not on and the condition is true.

so you need a way to specify on what ball the cursor is.

here is an example:

edit, made a mistake.
the create object ball event needs to be a subevent of the condition id = 0

if you start the game with 0 balls, you dont need to set the variable idcount at the beginning of the scene.

Slash, thank you so much for your prompt reply! It turned out thanks to you.