[SOLVED]Time saving help

I’ve finished the first level of my first game and everything is going well. The last thing I need to do is save the time the player exits so I can pull it up to find elapsed time when he loads. For saving do I select write a value or write a text? Also what expression parameters will I need, all of them in the list? Or can I just use “timestamp” and that includes everything on the list. Thanks for your help

You could use TimeFromStart(), which returns the number of seconds since the scene started. This is a number, and you can write this as a value.

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Thank you that’s a good thing to know. What I meant for this question was a way to track offline time though. I’ve just got home and have been able to play with it, I’ve added some lines to save “timestamp” on exiting and another “timestamp” on loading, and to subtract the two but I’m not sure I’m understanding the number it’s giving me back or how to convert it to something meaningful.
Anyone know how to do this or an easy way to to calculate how much time between a player logging off the game and opening it back up? Thanks for any help.

GOT IT yay!!! The unexpected results I was getting was because I had accidentally set the read action of the timestamp to read a text instead of value.