(Solved)Top Down Wall Collision Issues

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong while making these walls, I am using the separate action to keep the player from going through the wall and it seems that every time I move the player above the wall it teleports around until ending underneath the wall.

*starts and walks down
*glitchy teleporting

(code is here wouldn’t let me put more than one photo)

Hi, are your collision masks changing in your animation frames?

Im not sure but i only have one frame for the wall so it would only have one collision mask.

I mean for your player-character…

I’ll try that, cant verify if it works yet or not because i cant access my computer atm

If you have different collisions masks for your animation frames it could be that the collision detection is not working properly. One way to get around that is to make sure that the collision hitbox stays the same for all frames or to use a hidden sprite-object as collision mask for the player.

Thanks for the suggestions, ill test them soon.

Thanks the collision masks for one of them was off and it fixed the problem