[SOLVED] Track ingame activity

Is there currently a way to track ingame activity? As in how many times has an object been moved or touched and in which order. Mouse activity would be helpfull aswell. Im trying to create a game where “creativity” is measured and this would be helpful data!

If GDevelop doesnt feauture this inherently, is there any other way to extract this data? Maybe when playing in a Browser?


EDIT: @darkshadow Im out of replies for some time as i just created this account. Thanks for the hint but can you elaborate on this a little more? I dont understand what you mean exactly.

EDIT: The Answer is in the Video, sorry for the preemptive thread.

well you can use variables for it I guess and then save the data(and load data ofc) if needed

wiat theres a reply limit?, anyway ive never done it myself but you could create variables to say if object movment and the new pos of that object(same for old pos) and like for checking if its been clicked you could make a variable saying i have been clicked(and for order) you would use a scene var and object var for id click i guess and for load and save data its as simple and understanding 1 acition each