[SOLVED]Tween movement not chain

Hi, it’s the first time I use tween, I want to make a sequence of moves for my game’s boss, but I’m not getting chain on the next tween, the first one works correctly but then nothing happens. I’ve seen other examples here on the forum and I’m removing the previous tween, but the second tween still doesn’t work, does anyone know where I’m going wrong?

Hi maybe you need to change the startMov to something different than 1 when you call the tween if not the tween is called constantly because the variable is 1 all the time do

the variable startMov of Boss = 1
Tween the y position of Boss…
Change the startMove to 0 or 2 or 3 something different than 1 so the Tween will be called as long as the startMov variable is 1

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As @UlisesFreitas has pointed out, you can change the value of startMov to someothing other than 1, otherwise the condition will be true all the time, and the tween will be restarted every frame.

Alternatively, you can add a trigger once to the event (the one that checks if startMov is = 1).

Also, if startMov only has a 1 or 0 value, look at using a boolean variable. They’re designed for true/false conditions.

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Thanks UlisesFreitas and MrMen, you were right, it was part of the problem, now it’s ok! I also misspell the boss name as “boss1” , my mistake!

Thank you so much again, you all help me a lot!!!