[Solved] Tween or fade out effect?

hello is possible to tween or fade out an effect from enabled to disabled?

That wouldn’t make sense - an effect is either on or off. There are no inbetween stages. A tween changes state gradually, from initial to final,and has many inbetween stages.

I’m trying to emulate this effect for enemies that are hit but not sure how?

effect example

You could experiment with these tweens:

You can simulate it using the Adjustment effect :

Add a tween behaviour and use the following event actions :

To get :



thanks for the reply EDIT ok got it working had to change the effect parameter to (number) but I have a problem with player bullet collision the effect stops when half brightness on enemies?



When you check for bullet collision, try removing the flash tween if it already exists first, and then add a new tween.

as an aside - if you put all your playerbullets in a object group, you can check for collision with that group, rather than having the multiple collision checks.

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thanks I’m having trouble understanding how to implement this? I messed around with conditions and actions and couldn’t get it to work?


I wouldn’t even put the tween “flash” not exists as a condition in the first event. Just have "Remove tween “flash” from beet as an action immediately before creating the tween. Like :

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yes that worked great thanks again!