[Solved] Unable To Open Gdevelop Cloud Project

I just lost my project I can’t open it at all when I try to open it a message appears saying unable to open the project.
I don’t know if anyone can help me.
I use Gdevelop on my cell phone in the browser and save in the cloud because I don’t have a PC.

I was adding an image, there were two background images, I added two when I realized that Gdevelop was having problems so I decided to save the project so as not to lose progress, little did I know that this was a serious error, now I can’t open the project that I spent months programming.
Sorry for the English I’m Mozambican and I speak Portuguese


Sorry to read this, can you send us your GDevelop username and the project name?
We can check if a recent and functional version has been saved.

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Username: Ahilton
Project name: Berserk Warriors

sorry I don’t know if it will be a problem but the initial name of the project was “New B” but I changed it to “Berserk Warriors” and when you asked me for the username and the project name I ended up clicking on the option “manage the game” and the name is like “New B”.
that is, here in the cloud the name Berserk Warriors appears but in the dashboard (manege the game) the name New B appears
I don’t know if it will be a problem :neutral_face::broken_heart:

Closing this topic since we restored the last version after discussing it in DMs.
I will investigate to understand how this could have happened