[SOLVED] Update every 0.01 sec the position of a Created Object

I’m currently making an arm canon with 2 options :
Beam and Missiles

So everything works for the beam

But for the Missile, I would like to make the arm canon different. So I made the piece that change when pressing F for entering into missile mode.

For the idle animation it work perfectly

But when the player is running I’d like to make it follow my “canon point” I made
The canon point is different in frame 1 from frame 2 etc… So i set it up correctly
But my canon piece stay in the first frame, and never update when frame 2 etc…
I used the “Position” for the update but it update only when my player change animation (run to idle etc…)
How could I make the Canon piece follow and update every frames ?

I am not sure do i get problem right
I mean i get the problem you describe i am just not sure what could be causing it

1st of all are you using Object.PointX(“POINT NAME HERE”)
2nd does your move to that point event have trigger once? Cause it should not

I personally never had points in different positions per frame
So idk should it or should it not auto update

If not
At worst you can create another point for that 2 fames
And simply make event that if current frame is SOME FRAME NUMBER
move object to that 2nd point
While for other frames move to 1st point

Yes I do use Object.PointX/Y
It have a trigger once otherwise it will make multiple canon piece lol
Imma try what you said, or even make new animation with the canon point if this does not work

Hi !
So it works
I changed my points and uncheck the “use same point for all frame” thanks for the help ! :slight_smile:

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