[Solved] Use a variable for repeat count

Something I’ve noticed that has constantly annoyed me is how I can’t set the repeat amount to a variable. The repeat event type from what I can find will not accept a variable as input which can make it sometimes frustrating. For example I’ve recently been working on a game where I was making a board out of a tile object, I repeated creating them but I wanted to add custom board sizes, to do this though I would need to change how many times it repeats in real-time. There is no simple way to do this so I would love for this to be a feature.

Hi, I am not sure if I fully understood your request. But if you mean to use a variable in the Repeat event instead of typing a number this works without problems:

Edit: If you mean to change the variable within the game by text entry, you can do that as well:


oh my bad. I must of made a mistake. I’ll try it again.

Edit: Yes I didn’t capitalize the V.