[SOLVED] Video performance issues/Video stuttering


I am trying to play 5 Videos in one game scene on Windows, but after a while they start to stutter.

On the first layer there are 4 small videos playing simultaneously showing different games and one full screen video on a second layer as a screen saver/demo video. There is also some background music playing.
The layers are switched manually and the videos in the background are paused when the layer is hidden. All Videos are compressed an in mp4 format.

The first time the scene is shown everything plays smooth most of the time.
But after some time has passed or every time coming back from a different scene all the videos are stuttering, like below 1 fps.
All other animations and the music are still running smooth.
Minimizing the window and maximizing it again is fixing the issue until the scene is shown again.

This is rare on more powerful PCs but quite common on mid-level PCs.
Nor CPU or GPU are above 75 percent.

Is there a way to fix this issue and make all videos run smooth all the time?


We solved the issue by combining the 4 Videos in one big video.
Maybe 4 Videos was too much.
Seems to work now.

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