[Solved]Vos creations - english, default main page - english

Can you make english version of Board “vos creations” (I assume it’s “your creations”, since Google Translate told me that)? I am English speaking person and don’t know French even by bit and I always try to post in right board.

Also change default main page on site to English since many people may not notice language switch in upper right corner and most people speaks English nowadays. Or make similar intro page like you did for Wiki.

You can post your games in “Projets en cours de développement” if your project is not complete or “Projets terminés” if your project is finished.

It’s a french software, so, default main page is french. :wink:

Yeah, but if it would be English that’d bring more people here, because now average English-speaking guy/girl thinks: “Blah, main page is french so probably software don’t have any translation. It might be good, but I won’t understand a bit of it. Sorry, gotta run”. And then click back button in his/her browser. That what I thought first time I googled it. Then something told me to go there again and I noticed tiny UK flag in upper right corner.

Even “language select” page like one on wiki would be better than current situation, since you’ll notice option to change to English because it’ll be SHOVED in your face. Even moron in a hurry would notice that.

I’ve added a “Language select” page instead on the main page on http://www.compilgames.net. Note that this page won’t be shown if you go directly on http://www.en.compilgames.net.

Fair enough, thanks.