[Solved] "Wait" action in event editor

Is there a way of making this “Wait” action like in construct?
I tried doing this, but it didn’t work.

the timer works.
you problem is, that the timer will start at the beginning of the scene.
pause your timer at the beginning of the scene and unpause it where your have your restart timer trigger. then pause the timer again, when your time is reached and reset it.

You mean, like this?

Because if yes, it didn’t work. I want to replicate what is done in this print:
and for a little bit of context: I want to play a short animation with 2 frames before the looping run animation.

in your xcollusion is moving subevent. dont reset, but unpause.
reset when timer is greater than 0.1 and pause again.

Like this? It still didn’t work, it keeps stopped on this frame:

because you moved your timer is greater than 0.1 seconds under the trigger once event.
put back, where you had it in your first screenshot (1 herachy higher)


A little tipp:
you can also check in which frame the animation currently is.

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