[Solved] Walking only works in the preview and is completely broken when exported


So basically, the walking in this build is completely broken. But the thing is, when i try it in preview, it works just fine. But after i export it, it’s always broken. I’ve ran out of builds for the day to test it and I really want to export a new demo. In theory it should work, but its broken.

  • Your images are named like that run%20(1).png, start by renaming your images correctly, without strange character.

  • All this images are missing in exported game

For your running animation same problem, images are missing, that’s why your player jiggle when you run, images for the running animation are missing.

Think to clean your project, give right names to your images, and move your images in same folder than your project or on same HDD.
If you want you can use save as for export all your game in a new folder, but before think to remove all assets unused in your project, see in resource tab (right click on list in the resource tab).

huh, thats weird, I don’t remember a “run%20(1).png” file being there
Well, I’ll look into it Thank you so much!

AGH it still doesn’t work

And now I have to wait 24 hours to fix it

Here are the images that i think were missing, which no longer are (I think the r wasnt capitalized at first and it didn’t find it maybe?) But now they are and it still doesn’t work
I re-imported them but it wont work still

Check the path and name of your image in the resource tab.
Capitalize have no incluences.

hmm ill check the resource tab

Aight, so the thing is, those are unused, so it shouldn’t be a problem

But the ones that are causing the problem are there

I removed the unused resources, deleted the run animation and recreated it.

(I also removed all large files because my bandwidth sucks, but I don’t think that’s related)

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Thank you so much! I’ll try to do what you said to see if that helps

Yay it worked! Thank you so much :smiley: