[Solved] Weirdness never ends with this p2p :S

I tried new method for character selection for my game. It does (kinda) works because there is one annoying bug I can’t figure out for days on how to fix it.
Basically it works like this.

  1. I have 3 objects with different sprites. Each of those objects have Platformer behavior with default controls.
  2. When game starts, only characters (objects) that player selected at before start keep default controls, and the other ones have it disabled.
  3. Also, I loop every player and create the same object his enemies have. (For example if player A have zombie character, at player B’s screen zombie character will be created).

PS: I have two groups. “EnemySkins” and “Skins” and those 3 objects belong to both groups.

What’s my issue here? If all players uses all the same objects (For example all players use zombie character), everything works fine.
Otherwise, doesn’t matter who of the players is moving, on everyone’s screen only one same object will be moved.
Ik it’s hard to understand so here’s videos below, and my project files. I really hope someone can help me fix this issue.

Same characters (Works fine) https://streamable.com/lgqmqo
Different characters (Bugged) https://streamable.com/jo550e

Project Download::

I can’t believe it. Been trying to fix this for more then a weeek now, and right after I posted this topic, got some idea to search for a scene id instead of object id in multiplayer group and BOOM! Issue fixed.
Anyway, I am always looking for suggestions, tips and tricks from more experienced people so feel free to type anything u would add, change or remove here.
Btw, this is how I managed to fix the issue.

Change this

To this: