[SOLVED] What's the best/cleanest way to create a scrollable section of the screen?

Searched around but couldn’t find a solution specific to my needs:

I need to create a section of the screen that acts as a vertically scrollable area filled with all sorts of objects (text, buttons, custom sprites, etc.). This area would need to be vertically draggable, with a finger, and act as a static “window” or mask. Basically, an area similar to where other idle/clicker games allow you to purchase upgrades for various things.

I’ve experimented with the object masking extension, and that seems like it might work (provided I could figure out how to piece everything together). However, having 50 or so objects all dragging together doesn’t seem like the most efficient method. I don’t know of another one though.

What I’d be hoping to find (but don’t know if exists) is a way to…maybe setup another scene to act as the scrollable menu layout with all of its buttons and text then fit that scene into main scene, slotted into a masked area?

Greatly appreciate if you have any ideas or suggestions, or can get me on the right track!

It sounds like what you’re after is very similar to an inventory scroller example I made a wee while back. The source code/project is available.

That should actually work nicely. Thanks very much!