[Solved] When object is dead cause another object to be dead?

hello I have a pumpkinboss that spawns a bunch of pumpkinbossattack objects and when the pumpkinboss is dead I want all the pumpkinbossattack objects to be dead as well (which is supposed to create the destroyed object animation in its place) how do I add an event so that when pumpkinboss is dead then pumpkinbossattack is dead?


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is dead events

You’re deleting the pumpkinbossattack and then referencing it again.

Create the destroyed object first, then delete the pumpkinbonnattach object.

thanks I changed that around the problem is when pumpkinboss is dead then go to pumkinbossattack is dead event but it just deletes the object and doesn’t create destroyed animation?

is dead events

I wonder if you need to do a repeat for each pumpkinbossattack as the subevent of the pumpkinbossattack is dead, in which you create the destroyed object and remove the pumpkinbossattack.

Note, make the repeat a subevent - it’ll only iterate through the pumpkinbossattacks that are dead.

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yes that worked thanks!