[Solved] Why do functions (from v4) disappear in v5?

I don’t know but why functions (from v4, example tilemap) are dissappear in v5?

Is there a good reason for?
Has the wheel been completely reinvented for v5?

I use gdevelop 5 for round about 10 Days… have seen and tested another game engines too, but in gd5 basic functions are missing, which might have been present in v4.
Otherwise i find gd good.

To import an object… this is torture!
You have to import each tile one by one… or use the json format to do it manually.

In other game engines you can import all your tiles at once.
And then you can select which one do you want to use for the floor, platform etc. (like in tilemap from v4, i think)

Which one ?


You talking about tilemap here, for your information the tilemap feature is in work in progress for GD5.
Devs have discussions with devs from a advanced tilemap editor for integrate their editor in GD directly.
Stay tune!

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Which one ?
I talk only about tilemap at this time.:blush:

Why? Whats the reason?

You talking about tilemap here…
I know that it is in work for gd5 but i didn’t know the reason, now i know it.:wink:

…for integrate their editor in GD directly
I think it’s not a good idea but the user/customer should be able to decide which editor to use.
In other game engines you can choose your own editor as example for editing tiles.

Not the same tech for the editor.

You will have always the choices.
Import your tilemap, or use the editor.
This is still in WIP, so the thing can change.

For my part I will only test gdevelop5 again when it’s supports tilemaps.
As I said before it is a torture to import objects!:roll_eyes: