[SOLVED] Why does my character slips?


why does my (enemy) character slips?? I have checked the hit boxes, everything is correct, this problem does not happens with my player character or any other characters, but i don’t know why but this happens only with the golem.

Does anyone know how do i fix it?

any help would be appreciated…


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There is no code, only platformer character behavior attached to sprite

Maybe because you have a offset on your animation sprite, then the player fall because the margin between emeny and ground exist.
Create also an hitbox on your ground and enemy.


You should check that all the frames of the animation are the exact same size.


@L_e_m_o_n_T_e_a @Bouh @Gruk my problem is solved. I dont know what was the problem i have fully removed that sprite from GDevelop and added it again and my problem solved.

Thanks all…